Arctic Internships and Fellowships

Arctic International Internship

The Arctic is vast, diverse, and powerful. Travelling to Arctic regions can be a transformative experience, invoking thoughtfulness and cultivating personal growth. Working with Arctic organizations that perform remote work can be equally invaluable for expanding perspectives. Learn more here.

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Stefansson Fellowship

Stefansson Fellowship projects can deal with topics in any field of study related to the Arctic and can be either student-led or in partnership with staff or faculty of Dartmouth. The Institute of Arctic Studies offers this fellowship as an opportunity for students to pursue projects remotely, or in-person.

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Greenland Off-Term Opportunity

Dartmouth students can learn about Greenland's politics, economy, history, and environment by attending the University of Greenland in Nuuk during a fall off-term

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Dartmouth-Manitoba Research Internship

This research internship with the University of Manitoba is also in partnership with the Manitoba Inuit Association (MIA). This internship centers the health and wellbeing programs designed for Inuit, for Inuit, and other research programs developed by MIA. Learn more here.

Travel Resources

Prepare for your international experience by reviewing the information below on College polices, emergency resources, health and safety guidelines and country-specific cultural information.

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